We consider cleaning a vehicle's engine part of essential maintenance at Schumacher Chevrolet Buick of Boonton. If you enjoy doing maintenance tasks yourself, we have important engine-cleaning advice for you.

You will need a bottle of degreaser, your garden hose and a warm day with low humidity. Also, never clean your engine immediately after running it. Otherwise, you may cause cracks or interior damage. To avoid hurting your under-the-hood electronics, protect them with plastic bags. Additionally, disconnect your battery from its negative connector, and set aside all of your engine's plastic components.

Now, you can abundantly spray your degreaser onto your engine. Give dense grime substantial coverage. You will probably need to scrub some areas with a synthetic brush. Once your degreaser has rested on your engine for about 15 minutes, you can spray it with your garden hose. Let the engine dry before driving again and remember to reconnect each component you disconnected.

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